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Are you tired of sitting back
and watching everybody else
rake in all the Internet GOLD ?

Dear fellow speaker or entrepreneur,

The Internet is a virtual gold mine of riches. This is true of many industries, but especially for professional speakers & trainers and — the backbone of the economy — entrepreneurs.

What about you? Have you staked your claim to the Internet bonanza yet? Or are you still sitting back, wanting to get in on the excitement... but not quite knowing how?

Or maybe you're a victim of the modern-day myth that only the priestly caste of webmasters can tame the web? That's simply no longer true! Internet success is within the reach of every pocketbook, and you now have the tools to create just about any web capability you want.

Welcome to my world — Jim's Web World — where you'll find all the essential Internet resources that you need to profit from this modern-day gold rush! For example....

Granted, there's other sites where you can get Internet resources like domain names and hosting. But how many of those sites speak the speaker's lingo? Do they know the importance of having a "media page"? Do they know why you need an on-line Preprogram Questionnaire? (Do they even know what a Preprogram Questionnaire is?) Do they know what's involved in producing a "bureau friendly" web page?

Jim Barber   

I'm Jim Barber. I'm a professional speaker, and I know the Internet. And now you can use this unique blend of two different worlds to your advantage. Jim's Web World doesn't just sell Internet resources... we supply the solutions to the unique challenges faced by speaking professionals.

So come on into Jim's Web World and start creating the on-line information delivery empire that you've always dreamed of owning.

So here's wishing you every success — not just in your speaking business, but in your Internet activities as well!

signed, Jim Barber

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